Super Woman Candice at Aquathlon des Venetes

Aquathlon Les Venetes – Morbihan – 8th July 2017

Race reporter Candice


Coupling family logistics (school break is back) and getting in extra training for the Gauntelet in Chantilly, on a rainy evening I went googling for a race I could do in Brittany in Morbihan.

On a whim I registered for the Aquathlon des Venetes for the S distance, 1000m swim and 5000m run in the Golfe du Morbihan.

After having one of the most harassing weeks at work (4 days, 4 countries) and getting into Lorient very late, I knew the race would be challenging as I felt I had gone through the spin cycle on a washing machine.

8th July 6 am, time to wake everyone up (3 kids, hubby and the in-laws), get some grub and head off to Conleau, a 40min car ride. Bib and transition area set up, time to don the wet suit and look like, “a water ninja” (Winston 5 years old). Ok I’m thinking I can do this.

First off one needs to know there’s a lot of current in the gulf. High tide was at 7:30 am, we set up off at 8:51 and low tide was coming in fast.

I made a good start, not backing off from a few “contacts” with other swimmers and saw the first “bouy” up ahead but that was without factoring in the current. At one point I felt like I was moving backwards. When I looked up I was not the only one. I then kicked and kicked in the most inelegant way to move ahead. In doing so, I hit a rock and felt a sharp pain in my right foot. I kept pushing ahead crossing the “bouys” as best I could and not getting stuck in too much current.

After 1,230m swim the beach was coming up – at last ! My right foot was still very painful and as I was about to exit the water, I had a look and a bit of shell was stuck in it. I pulled it out and headed to the transition area. My overall swim and transition was 24min.

I managed the run at a 5:30min/km pace which considering I had a mean cut wasn’t a bad thing. I crossed the children cheering me on and that made the race all more bearable as I had no idea how parched I would feel after the swimming part.

I crossed the line in 51 minutes, had a little trip at the hospital to ensure no little bits of shell were stuck in my foot !

I’ll be back next year for the M and I’ll try not to make friends with the sea life.