Vélostar 131km ride

MAY 1 , 2015

Mark Vallender, Paul Guillochon, Dani Garcia, Sudeep Rangi

Despite the unfavourable weather conditions several hundred hardy soles turned out to take part in La Vélostar 91.  The 131 km ride starting from the Stade Robert Bobin with a police escort to help take us through the busier roads and roundabouts close to the stadium before entering the more picturesque rolling countryside around Fontainebleau (if you could see it through the rain that is)  My ride was going well for about the first 30kms until I break a spoke on my back wheel.  Not quite sure how I managed that, however after stopping to assess the situation I realized I didn’t have my handy multi-tool with me (note to self, always check before heading out on a ride) so I struggled to release my back brake enough to allow my now decidedly wobbly back wheel to rotate somewhat freely.  Having no back brake and a wobbly wheel meant I had to take any downhill’s gingerly, the rain didn’t make things any easier either.  Despite my technical issues I managed to finish the course in a respectable time for me although well back from the leaders.  Congrats to everyone who braved the wet weather and especially to Paul G who arrived 30mins late and still rode the entire course on his own.