Velostar Cycle competition

The big question was always going to be the weather, last year it had been very windy, this year the rain was threatening, but still several brave team members met up with other ‘suffer junkies’ from the Paris Cycling Group, to get out and do this course – either 95km or 135km***(I can’t remember if thats correct or not)


Organisation was lacking in some areas – the best one being that everyone was given numbers that had to be pinned to… waterproof jackets ?? I think not !!! but nevermind, nobody had any pins (including the organisers) so numbers were stuffed in pockets !


The ride itself was well marked, everyone set off at a good pace, but after about 10km nick lost all energy and had to spin his way around the rest of the course, which turned out to be fun so no real issues.

You think you are almost home but then the arrows for the finish goes past the start point, and the final Km went up a steep hill which was a nasty little surprise to finish on, by this time both Paul and Nick were exhausted, but at least it wasn’t really raining (well only slightly)

Back to the start for the free lunch, and it was then – literally minutes after having arrived in the lunch hall that the heavens opened, and everyone else behind them got very wet indeed.

Then of course there was just the matter of cycling back to the station !!!