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Broadly speaking, your running week schedule should have three main components. (We have dedicated running sessions each week to cover each component):

Track/speed session
Monday / Wednesday evenings with Valentino

Thursday evenings with Aytug / Sylvain

Tempo session

Long slow run
Sunday morning


To figure out what speed you should be doing these sessions at, use a recent race time and follow the pace table predictors below to get an idea of your different speeds. Be warned these times are predictions IF you do the training!!

Then use this level to find out what your objective marathon time should be and hence what your different pace should be for each different type of session.

*note these calculations, all goals and objectives are indicative and do not guarantee results. (especially if you don’t do the sessions ?)


During the season we regularly hold a 5km time trial so you can keep track of your progress. This is also a great way to find runners of similar speeds and ambitions. In addition to the 5km time trial, we will also hold a VMA test.
Keep an eye on buy cheap antabuse for these sessions!

5KM Time Trial Results
Cooper 12 Minute Test Results (VMA)
Name November 2017 (mls/kg/min)
Chris S 72.10
Tom S 63.38
Cesar M 60.25
FX 60.25
Miguel 59.14
Khalid 59.14
Laurent 56.90
Luca F 56.43
Gonzarlo 56.34
Thomas B 55.85
Patrick 55.78
Meghan H 55.78
Ben B 54.66
Stephane 52.20
Matilde 49.97
Louise W 49.97
Elizabeth D 42.68
Moussa 42.37
Willie 41.92
Mareike 38.57