TIME Megeve 88km/105km/145km

Nick, Rich, Kristine, Dani, Todd, Veronique, Valentin, Seb, Jamie, Karsten, Frank, Lynn, Kristina, Amy

Nick once the only one who did the full distance and nearly died, but didn’t finish last which was surprising.

Val got turned back at the second cut-off so only managed the middle distance.

Dani, although slow, decided to go for it and also finished the mid-distance, got the ‘best effort’ medal for his efforts

Seb, Todd and Frank also made it round the mid distance, but it was much less effort for them !

After having signed up for the Etape de Tour, Jamie, Kristine, and Rich only managed the beginners distance, so they promptly returned and cancelled their places in the Etape.

Karsten just took it easy, and the ladies cruised around, although Kristina decided to cycle into the side of the mountain on the downhill part, which after reflection was indeed better than going off the other side of the road and over the Cliff.

Great day out for all, and even birthday drinks in the evening for Vero.