Super Sprint VIDEO – March 12, 2017


We are so lucky to have had Guillaume Arthus from Runnexplorer with us at our event at Piscine Henry de Montherlant.
He made his first ever triathlon video just for us.The event included 300m of swimming in Piscine Henry de Montherlant, followed by 7km cycling on a Wattbike, closing with a 2.5km run in the Bois de Boulogne.

We had 180 competitors, the most even for an indoor Super Sprint event…and we’d do it again.  Lots of great effort from beginners and seasoned traithletes. Great attitudes and team spirit all around.
This was 140 minutes of rush, a great deal of it running. Not to mention he competed in 2 waves himself. A huge effort.

The main focus of his company is on amazing places to run around the world. Be sure to check out his web site via the link above.