Start of 2013 running

So the New Year is beginning to get moving now, and after a couple small runs in the bitter cold, this weekend saw the first ‘Major’ competition of the 2013 calendar – The Semi-Marathon of Paris.

A quick semi-marathon, not too cold. Val got round in record breaking time of 1:23:38 then came Michael in 1:24 then Nick in 1:26 and James setting his new PB at 1:31. Lots of others with PBs this weekend as well, well done to everyone

(competitors below, in no particular order, please comment if I missed you off)

Paul S, Kathryn H, Catherine T, Adrian, Clea, Amy, Carole, Blythe, Rob, Suzie, Kristin, Jamie, Natalie, and Maciej

Although it looks like Val is going to kill everyone this season, spare a thought for Lesly, who on the same day, under the same conditions did the Semi-Marathon of Reuil-Malmaison (a very hilly tough semi-marathon) and he got round in 1:23:20 – so this years Senior trophy winner is looking tough to call at this stage !