Sonia tackles the SuperSprint 8em

SuperSprint Paris 8, September 12, 2021 (XS) 

Race Reporters: Sonia


Last time I did the SuperSprint was in 2018. This time I wanted to set a baseline at the beginning of the season, with the plan to do it again in March and see how I have improved over the winter. It’s always a really fun friendly event which I usually volunteer at, and it’s great being surrounded by excited and motivated participants all day!

Bettina Fischer has been coaching me for the last few months and I learnt a lot about the importance of measuring you performance regularly to see how you improve. With this in mind I signed up to the race.

I started the swim steadily and tried to increase my pace after a couple of laps, however half way through I could feel myself losing my breath so I focused on good breathing and slowed down a little. I was pleased to not be last out of the water 🙂

I had a nightmare transition when I couldn’t slip my foot in my trainer quickly. I opted to go sockless and my foot just wedged rather than slipping in my shoe neatly like it does with socks! I guess I should switch to elastic laces!

The bike leg was good, 6km relatively easy with a small climb. The club had recorded a route from the pool and it was good fun to see the route on screen. I worked quite hard on the bike and my legs were like jelly when I got off the bike and “attempted” to run up the steps and begin the run.

For the run we did 5 laps of 500m and each lap you passed quite close to the finish line so there were lots of people cheering you to keep going and giving you a nice boost for the next lap.

Overall I felt happy with my performance and finished with a big smile. Bettina was waiting for me at the finish line and cheered me on through the entire race. She’s helped me work on my core and improve my strength, as well as focus on becoming a better swimmer.