The competition was a small, no frills family orientated tri at least in the morning. Well organised with plenty of friendly and helpful bénévoles.
Setting was in the middle of fields next to river Yonne, with a big car park just next by.

My (Paul G) Sprint was early in the morning start at 09:30 and Remy’s Olympic at 14:30 in the afternoon. So we didn’t actually see each other.
The swimming  (500m) was in the Etang de Gron with water at 23.9°C it got quite warm with the wetsuit on, better off without if you can do without the buoancy.
The bike course (22km) took place in the rolling hills of the Bourgogne going through the local villages – very pittoresque. Quite a bit of long climbs and steep descents, with a few flat stretches where I was able to try out my new tri-bars.
Run was (5km) around the lake so dead flat.

Only drawback is that it’s a bit far from Paris. I burn’t up a whole lot more energy getting there, than doing the course.
But being in the middle of the countryside and away from dense traffic on a sunny day made it worth while.