Article 1: The Comité de Direction consisting of the managers of EXPATRIES TRIATHLON, manages and ensures the smooth running of the club. It takes all decisions relating to the conduct of the season, sports training and monitoring of athletes, as well as sponsors. It takes all necessary decisions to ensure the image of EXPATRIES – International Triathlon club of Paris.

Article 2: Membership fees are determined by the Comité de Direction. No fee will be refunded. Membership runs from October 1 to September 31. Any member who has not renewed their license after that date may be denied entry to certain training sessions. License renewals must arrive at the club office by 1 December at the latest- all renewals received after this date should include a surcharge of € 20 (twenty euros), required by FFTRI.

Article 3: The wearing of club kit is mandatory for all FFTRI competitions.

Article 4: Any athlete participating in a competition must comply with the competition rules of the event and the regulating body.

Article 5: Athletes joining the association promise not to resort to the use of performance-enhancing drugs or substances that could harm their health and / or the image EXPATRIES TRIATHLON

Article 6: All triathletes, during bike rides, must respect the rules of the road and cycle respecting other road users and the environment. Any dangerous behaviour towards themselves, other cyclists, or any disrespect of the road rules, may lead to sanctions.

Article 7: Athletes are responsible for their own registration to competitions during the season. For all competitions and events organized by the club, all associated costs (eg registration fees, transportation and / or hotels) must be settled before the date thereof, and may include an administrative fee. Athletes will be responsible for all costs once they engage themselves to the event (they are responsible to replace themselves by another participant if necessary).

Article 8: In the event that a member does not respect these rules, the Comité de Direction reserves the right to sanction them and/or exclude them from any club activities.

Article 9: Training session leaders may cancel/change any training session if weather or training conditions dictate.

Article 10: These rules may be modified at any moment by the Comité de Direction.