Ready in 2 weeks ?

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A little over 2 weeks to go now, everything is ready, the organisation team is prepared, all that remains – is to do it !!

You may have seen on our Facebook page, that the goodies from one of our race sponsors – High 5  – arrived this week, so we thought it could be a good opportunity to give a few tips on nutrition – High 5 and other sports nutrition is great to give yourself an energy boost if you are out doing sport for a prolonged period of time, however for a short distance event like this one, you won’t really need energy gels.

The Super Sprint will all be over in 30mins (hopefully) so you don’t need to go on a pasta rampage days before, in fact unless you have a really unhealthy diet, you shouldn’t need to change anything, perhaps don’t go out for a full 3 courses the evening before, and for a couple days try to be a little more sensible with the alcohol.

Once you get your wave time you can plan a little the day of the competition, you alone know your digestive system, so time it so that you have eaten and food digested, hence energy in your muscles, before the competition.

Eating a banana 5 mins before the start will not do you any good as you will be finished before the energy gets to your muscles.

Hydration is also important as you will sweat – most competitors get off the bike wetter than when they got out of the pool ! But don’t go drinking litres just before the competition, once again planning is key, drink water (or sports drink) early on, then stop – make sure you have time to get it through your system before you race. (I speak from toilet-dashing experience)

As always, what is most important is that you eat a balanced diet, and that you are regular and consistent with your eating, no need for magic solutions just listen to your body and give it what it needs, when it needs it.