Paris Marathon by Julien

PARIS MARATHON –  14th April 2019


This was my 4th marathon in Paris this year, and probably not the last one. I just love everything about this race: the course, the atmosphere, the incredible weather we have every single time, and the opportunity to share the whole experience with the club during & after the race!

For me it was clearly the best race I’ve ever run to date, and it’s not all about the finish time. The feeling you have when you run a smooth controlled race where you have time to enjoy yourself while realizing that what you’re achieving exceeds your expectations is incredible. It’s my first ever negative split in a marathon, even though the second half was only 8 seconds faster than the first one.


Côme beats both his half-marathon and marathon PBs in the same race !

Last sunday, Côme beat his marathon PB by more than 8 minutes to finish in 2h50 flat. The result by itself is already impressive, but the way he did it is astonishing in many ways:

  1. He ran his first half marathon in 1h20, beating his half marathon PB set a year ago by almost 4 minutes ! Côme, you’re not supposed to destroy your half marathon PB in a marathon. 🤦‍♂️
  2. The most important part of training for a marathon is logging in the miles regularly to increase aerobic fitness. Côme went on a trip only a month and a half before the marathon and did not run a single mile for 3 weeks straight. Côme, you’re not supposed to do that either. 🤦‍♂️
  3. What do you do just 1 week before running a marathon you’ve been training for? You go on a last medium-long run without pushing too much, because you’re « tapering » at this point right? Well, our friend Côme decided that it was a good day to get on the bike for 8 hours straight and cover 220km. Côme, you’re not supposed to… oh nevermind ! 🤣

Obviously, the 2nd half of the marathon was a lot tougher for him, but it only shows his incredible resilience and also huge potential with a better paced race and more adapted training plan.

Looking forward to his new PB next year and wishing him all the best in Ironman Nice (please don’t go for a 300km ride a week before).


Congratulations to Camille & César… and all runners !

Congratulations to Camille who beat her marathon PB by running in well under 4 hours (3h51). She had a training plan made by Sensei Luca Foppiano who followed closely from his location in Japan every run she was doing. I have been following her training on strava, and clearly she did the job to achieve the result she wanted.

Congratulations also to our President César who finished his 1st marathon in 4 hours. I made a marathon training plan for him when he asked me for one back in December, but to be honest I didn’t know at the time if he was really planning to follow it seriously or not. He did. And I could see it as he was updating me regularly, which was interesting to follow.

His race was perfectly executed up until 30K where he « hit the wall », which is obviously very common (it’s called the wall for a reason), especially in a 1st attempt at the distance. Still a strong achievement that shows real willpower. It’s easy to finish a marathon when you’re having a good day and everything flows, but it takes mental energy to reach that finish line when things are breaking apart. So congrats to him. I’m sure I will go through the same struggle in the « Défi de Monte-Cristo » 5K swim where my goal is to basically not sink. 😀

Congratulations to all Expatriés who ran the Paris Marathon, not forgetting Gonzalo who ran the Boston Marathon the day after in 2h56 (huge PB and 1st time below 3h). Thanks also to all Expatriés who supported us along the way and joined us for the post-race Apéro where I drank an amount of beer that would make César proud (I will need to ask him for an apéro training plan at some point though). Looking forward to sharing more training sessions and races with you all. 👍