Nils runs to…the start line…of the Paris Triathlon 2015

Paris Triathlon – 5 July 2015 – Olympic Distance

by Nils

Nils nears the finish line - Paris Tri 2015

Nils nears the finish line – Paris Tri 2015

These last days I was hosted in Orsay, near Chèvreuse, by a Brazilian triathlete (bib 132).

At 7 am they were heading for the RER station when I realized I didn’t have my water bottle. So I went back looking for it (but was unable to open the door so ultimately abandoned the quest).
Unluckily, there was a misunderstanding between my friend and I: we found ourselves waiting for each other in 2 different RER Stations. As such, we missed the train. The following one would arrive in Choisy at 8:37…

We knew it would be tough to reach the race site in time.

We were both a bit anxious and while in the train we put on our tri-suits and  sun cream, prepared the timing chip and so on.
At 8:37 we started a race against the clock to run (with fancy Bikkemberg flip flops!) from the Choisy RER Station to the race site.
We were there at 8:50 and could barely leave our finisher bags at the bike transition (after begging the volunteers to stop the truck), and then had to run again all around the basin to be at the start on time. At 8:59 we were still running along the basin…
By luck I was able to spot the ExpaTRIés group by 9 am precisely, a few seconds before the warm-up start. As I was without breath or energy I decided to swim the whole 1500m by breaststroke. After a good cycling leg that I particularly enjoyed, I realized my muscles had been chewed by the effort… the run was an agony : as soon as it started the timing chip flew away…
 I was so tired and confused I could not put it back on and stared confusedly at the other racers passing by for a couple of minutes.
By relaxing and trying not to panic I sat down and realized how easy it was to put the chip on. Later on the run, though, I realized how much that 70 km Chevreuse ride I had done the day before had been a suicidal move for my legs. I struggled and got passed by hundreds of athletes including many ExpaTRIés, but ultimately decided to at least get to the finish line…slowly..But happy…
Nils wears out his legs cycling 70km the day before the race

Nils wears out his legs cycling 70km the day before the race