Nils reports on Cyclo Sportive de la Sainte Fiacre


Julien, Nils, Sean - Cyclo Sportive 2015

Julien, Nils, Sean – Cyclo Sportive 2015

by Nils 

The Cyclo-Sportive de la Sainte Fiacre was one of the few cycling events our members have attended this season.

Three itineraries were available: 65km, 90km, 125km. While the majority of us intended to complete the 90km course, a few of us opted for the shortest one.

As it was an end of the season event, and it wasn’t a competition, we didn’t need nor want to harm our legs too much. As a matter of fact our intention was to enjoy a nice ride in the countryside with other fellow cyclists. It was a lovely day, the sun was shining and ready to kiss our lovely helmets.

The atmosphere was extremely down-to-earth, relaxed, and friendly. As soon as we arrived, the Croissy Bike Club guys welcomed us and detailed all possible information about the course and the registration process. Some of them were serving coffee on a small table in front of the Croissy Bike Club headquarters. By the way, what a nice little house they have there!

Surrounded by a small wooden park, the Croissy Club HQ is so charming. It could belong to some Brothers Grimm fairy tale. (Sean revealed to us the secret reason he will actually attend the Assemblée Générale in September. Trying to convince Nick to buy such a nice little house in the woods to be used as ExpaTRIés HQ. According to rumors some members have started working on a nice IKEA-style little catalogue for him to choose from. Stay tuned…)

Happily the itineraries were very easy to follow. Some pink arrows had been drawn on the pavement for us, and as such it was absolutely impossible for us to get lost. (Editor’s note…Karen would have succeeded the impossible!)

Under guidance by Captain Sea, our ExpaTRIés vessel was ready to begin its journey.

The course wasn’t extremely hilly. Compared to Chèvreuse the gradients were much easier so we all just climbed quite easily. The ExpaTRIés group stayed compact until the end. We encountered and overtook quite a lot of riders. Many wore Triathlon team Jerseys. While we were still trying to keep a relaxed 25 km/h average pace, it proved quite difficult for us to calm down our racing souls, especially on a few long straightaways.

In the middle of the itinerary, we found the ravitaillement, which was absolutely flawless. French charcuterie, different cakes, sodas: that was the perfect possible refueling (and, maybe, the real reason we were doing this ride after all?). Nothing was missing. There was even a lady offering to clean riders’ glasses with a special tissue.

An organizer asked Sean about the ExpaTRIés jersey he was wearing, and our leader introduced the team detailing its activities and trying to remember all the different nationalities it currently represents. A few minutes later, just before we left, I was able to hear that same guy saying “Ah, t’as entendu? c’est sympa, les ExpaTRIés de Paris!”. What to say… American troops once had a guy called Uncle Sam as a recruiter… we ExpaTRIés troops we have our own good “Uncle Sean”.

Will several Croissy cyclists join our club in the next few weeks?  Only time will tell!

It was a lovely ride and we surely were all extremely happy and exhausted at the end. For many, putting a foot on the ground again was a big shock.  For all of us, this was surely an extremely well organized event. Amazing countryside, very easy course, very tasty food, very cheap price

In the end, we had a very big smile!