Moisson / Cergy – Fun Competition

15 of us were ready to get up early on Sunday morning and brave the rain to get out to Moisson to do a Sprint Trialthon, then they went and cancelled on the day before due to bacteria in the lake.

Everyone knows there is bacteria in lakes…..nobody cares !!

As we had all the logistics sorted, we decided instead to go to Cergy, and it was a good choice – we swam in the lake (which evidently has less bacteria in it) some even managing 2km. The slight drizzle actually made being in the water a lot of fun, and it was warm !!

Then the rain cleared up and we were off on the bike, nice set of hills just near to the base so we all attacked them, a couple had to make their way back after the first, but not Nils he battled on doing all the hills on the big chain ring.
By the time we were round the 45km ride the sun was out and the run – a 5km loop for some 10km double loop for others was a pleasure in the warmth.

We hurried back to get changed and break out the picnic to take advantage of the sun, but in typical British picnic style as soon as we were all settled and halfway through our very french baguettes the clouds hit again and we had to make a dash for the centre, where the base admin staff very kindly let us finish our picnic in the meeting room !

All in all a great fun day out, most were secretly relieved to not have to do the competition, and the weather, although fickle actually worked for us 😉

Pictures from Cergy the week before – if anyone has any others…

[cml_media_alt id='675']cergy_lunch[/cml_media_alt]

[cml_media_alt id='676']Cergy_sun[/cml_media_alt]