Laura’s 1st open water finish line

Laura's 1st open water finish line

Laura’s 1st open water finish line

Les Boucles de Seine was my first triathlon, and I’m guessing it won’t be my last. We set off early on Sunday morning to Moisson; driving to the race, I felt excited and a little nervous.

My strategy was to power through the swim, survive the bike and glide through the run.

When we arrived we set up our stuff in the transition area. I didn’t really know what I was doing so I just copied everyone else; I laid out my bike, running shoes, socks and helmet.

The swim was in a lake with an Australian style exit between the 2 laps. I felt good in the water. I tried to keep my head down and to use my arms as much as possible to save my legs for the rest of the race. I lacked sighting skills – so a couple of times went slightly off course.

I headed to the first transition area. The bike portion is what I trained for the least. It was a gentle ride with an up and down. On the bike I had no idea about how far I’d gone or what time it was. It was just me and my bike. I loved the whole ride even though I felt that EVERYONE was overtaking me.

The run was good – my legs felt heavy but I was motivated to catch up all the people who overtook me on the bike!

I am very happy to have completed my first race and more importantly I really enjoyed it. Well done to all the other Expatriates who competed in the race; at the end we celebrated the only way we know– by eating and drinking. Our international picnic was a feast! Thank you for everyone’s support; it was definitely a special day.