Triathlon Sprint d’Attichy, 14 septembre 2014

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Attichy Sprint Triathlon, 14th September 2014

Attichy is a village of the Oise (60) located on the river Aisne a few kilometers from Soisson. The CNC Attichy has organised for the last 11 years a sprint triathlon, held in the second week of September ,and brings together more than 200 participants. Google map shows a few hundred kilometers from Paris and a travel time of 1:30 by car but you have to be generouswith the ETA , especially if like me you have no sat nav.

I arrived at the last minutes before the start but I was greeted by the organisers and even the umpires very warmly. After the briefing by the umpire, the competitors are invited to join the swim start 750 meters downstream. The sight of 200 penguins in procession to the start line was very popular with the by locals this year. The swim section is in the river Aisne, which is agreable because you do not have to worry about the position of buoys and direction; straight ahead upstream. The water was 19 ° C and the  current quite weak, you have to swim in at the middle of the river to avoid  the algae. The water exit is close to the bike park, making transition simple.

The bike course consists of two laps of a fairly difficult and demanding circuit. After a few turns in town on a rough road surface, you find yourself on a bend at a right angles to a 10 % rather long slope which is prolonged by a false flat.  A few rising or falling straight sections  that follow through quite well despite the wind, before descending to the village where you must arrive correctly to negotiate some tricky turns. The club site has a video of the course
( but there is no substitute in my opinion visual recognition.

The run course consists of 3 laps of a small circuit of very uneven surfaces, path, lawn and asphalt. The winner of this year – Victor Caux, finished in 1:04:57; the first woman – Emilie Darasin in 1:20:21. For my part I finished in 74th place out of 201 finishers (1:23:45).

I’m quite pleased with my performance because swimming was for me a real survival test and I came out of the water among the last, certainly very close to disqualification. However, I am very happy with my cycling. A triathlon for next year’s agenda. It would be nice if we were several from the team. For my part, I vowed to learn to swim!