Marie swims on relay team at Paris Tri 2015

Paris Triathlon – 5 July 2015 – Olympic Distance Relay
by Marie Vettier
Marie just out of the water Paris Tri 2015

Marie just out of the water Paris Tri 2015

My First Swim Experience in Choisy-le-Roi Lake
First of all, it was officially announced on Friday before the race : « the wetsuit will not be allowed for the Paris Garmin Triathlon »

So all the feelings that I have known in Cergy during training will be different in Choisy… Manuel had the good idea to send very nice pictures of the quality of the water on Saturday evening, so my stress was high on the Richter scale of the triathlete beginner like me !

On Sunday morning, I met Rajah and Wippy in the bike park and I spotted how to get from the entrance of the bike park to Wippy’s bike.
The swim course is a great straight line of 1.5k.  We had to walk all the way down the lake to reach the starting line (so 1.5k of walking and my brain started to imagine the same length in crawl…)
There were 4 waves :
Most of the Expatriés guys were in the first wave (Blue)
The relays were on the 3rd one (with Green caps)
The girls were in the last wave (Pink)
As I imagined, it was a strange feeling to swim without a wetsuit but easier than I expected ! The lake was large and it was not the rush in my wave. So I swam crawl during during the whole course. It was easy to see the end of the swimming course because it was so straight… I think I didn’t swim in a perfect straight line to the finish but it was ok.
Some marine algae and vegetation kept me company during my swim and I got out of the lake in 33’50 (quicker than I expected).
I ran to the bike park, put the time chip directly on Wippy’s left ankle and went back to Paris, to meet Wippy and Rajah at Emile Antoine.