Louis goes from XS to L in just 4 events (Trialong)

Trialong L distance – Bois le Roi – 18 September 2016
by Louis Leclerc
About the race:
Classic L, 1.9km swim in two loops
+ two loops of 47km in bike, not hilly (about 200D+ if I’m right)
+ a semi-marathon in the woods, in three 7km loops.
I guess the landscape is not as great as Southern France or the Alps, but there are some lovely villages and woods in Île-de-France, and a 94k bike journey is a good opportunity to discover some of them 😉
Besides, it’s near. Only 30min in Train from Gare de Lyon. And not expensive, about 100€.
The organization was not the best, to be honest. But the volunteers were great: kind and eager to help. They just did not seem to be well informed… but hey, it was only their second edition after all. I’m sure they’ll better each year!

And my personal experience:
I was afraid that the L would be too much, too soon. I started triathlon in April 2016 with an XS (Super Sprint Paris 20) to give triathlon a try. I liked it, and joined the expats a few days after.
Then in late May, an S triathlon in Versailles, and an M in Normandy beginning of July, done in 2:47.*

So far so good.
But I wasn’t sure about the next step… the L in Bois-le-Roi. After two months of intense training, I did it in 5:50. Under 6 hours which was an optional objective, aside from finishing it 🙂
But it went really well, I enjoyed it all along. Just had to struggle at the end of the bike part, and also to run the last 7km, but that’s part of the game isn’t.
During the running part, I even met a former Expat’s team member, Rodolphe. We had a chat on 2 or 3 km, which was kind of surrealistic…
So first season’s over. I’ll dedicate the next one to Ms and trying other stuff like trail and swimming races. I´ll try a full IM in 2018, no hurry!
*Memories of the M race in Normandy where Phil, Hilary and Louis took home Finisher Camemberts 😉