Guillaume runs the Ecotrail 18km

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EcoTrail 18km – 18 March 2017


by Guillaume

This year I joined some friends of mine to complete my first trail ever. And what is better than changing from all the habitual cars and buildings of Paris? Running in the woods from Meudon to Saint-Cloud, just outside of Paris.

It seems that a lot of people (almost 10,000 people completed one of the four races : 18k, 30k, 45k or 80k). Those competing for the 18k and 30k had a meeting point near the Observatoire de Meudon to join the starting point. In 5 waves split between 8h30 and 9h, the racers were unleashed!

With about 90% of the race on paths in the woods, it was definitely a change, and with almost 400m elevation in total, many people (well, most people in fact!)  just stopped running in the hills to walk and try catching their breath. I finished in a little less than 1h45 which made me happy for a first try.

The race was far from easy and much more demanding than a regular race where one can follow its regular pace.  To me, it is better and more enjoyable to run freely depending on its sensations than trying to stick to its watch.

The organization was perfect, the race was easy to follow, with people helping you when crossing the roads. One could easily give its backpack with its stuff before the beginning at Meudon, and easily take it back when the finish line crossed in Saint-Cloud.

And the best is yet to come, with some saucisson (and the regular orange, chocolate, quatre-quart…) to have some strength back at the end!

Definitely a good experience to continue next year!