A warm Olympic Triathlon in Cepoy for Fred

Triathlon Cepoy 2018
Date 06/05/2018
Expatriés (M distance) : Khalid, Antoine, Cat, Sean Hurst, Philippe, Manon, Willie, Igor, Fred
Expatriés (S distance) : Benoit

Race reporter: Fred

Expatriés well represented at Cepoy!

Sun decided to shine for the start of the season for many expatriés on May 6th.

Cepoy is not so far from Paris by car and even reachable with RER and a short bike ride. I consider it as a good start as the swim is in a lake with clean water, the bike is not so hilly and the run is 99% on closed road around the lake 2 times (there is a part under trees on trails which can be tricky). More triathletes from the club have decided to compete this year and it’s really nice to share this energy for the first outdoor race of the season (at least for me).
Considering the set up of the bike part, many racers have brought their best/new bikes for the occasion, Khalid for example with his brand new record braker felt, Igor had the speed combo with lenticular wheel. This was the first race also with the new Expatriés trisuit for some of us. Will these new gears fulfill everybody expectations ? you will be able to decide reading the sum up here below.

As previously mentioned, sun was out with a full blue sky. This means there were smiles on every face and a good mood, but we could also expected a warm day despite the light wind, and it was indeed. We meet each other around noon in front of the tent to pick up the race package with bibs, tracker, stickers and a bottle with the color of the AME triathlon. If you have forgotten yours you definitely will need it!

Cepoy Bike Park… (and Phil’s head)

After a short nape for me, it’s time to access the bike park, drop the gears and meet you race neighbour of the day. T his is the 9th edition and even if more spots are available every year you can see that everything is well organized and you don’t have to wait to enter the park. Once everyone have organized his spot we decide to take a first group picture (Igor has never been found for this one, I guess he was polishing his bike for more aero gain).

Last year we ran a lap around the lake as a warm up but not this time and I am going to pay it later.


14:15 briefing time, we check the buoy and the water temperature. It’s not as cold as 2 years before
(17°C instead of 11°C) but still stunning.
14:30 No time to think much as starts is coming and the classic washing machine goes on !
Without a descent warm up, I just wondering wtf am I doing here after only 2 minutes. I have feel I have no fuel but damn it, I have trained harder than last year and decide to follow the procession. Last buoy is in same direction than the sun so you can see anything (note for later : my googles had many scratches and I wasn’t able to distinguinsh anything before the last turn, it’s better to have clear lenses for less stress…)
After a long long time, I get out of the water helped by volunteers. The transition path is a gravel track so it’s better to pay attention at your foot.
After the classic fight with my wetsuit I am pushing my bike trough the park. There are still some bikes hand on this means athletes were still floating in the lake. I know the first part is tricky as you have to come back to Cepoy with weveral turns and round about so no need to push too strong now.

At the same time last year it started to rain and there were almost same amount of bikers on the floor than on the bikes here. Apparently even with a dry road somes can not manage the handlebar and I just hear 2 guys falling before me in the last round about (note for later : having a few kilo euros bike with full carbon set doesn’t mean you can handle it when it turns, and road always turn, at least in France). I notice it  was only a few scratches as they just passed me a few minutes later (they may won’t gain any medal but a least they will have pizzas for a few days fore sure). Did I mentioned that it was a sunny day already ? Difficult to notice on the bike due to the light wind you have to face on some parts but I keep hydrated ahead of the run.
Focused on my ride i haven’t noticed any expatriés on the road, does this mean they are all in front of me ? The last transition allow me to see Catherine but I won’t be able to follow her as she left the park 2mn before me (note for later : 2mn can be quite a while in a triathlon).
As I have just left the first refuelling spot I checked Antoine who is in his last lap. It was not at his max as he had energy to mentioned how nice his trisuit was this day (he asked me to mention that here so here I do). I just have enough saliva to answer that a brand new expatriés trisuit would have been even nicer !Finally after achieving 2 laps in pain (do I have to remind it’s was a warm day ?), I cross the finish line and look first for fresh water and then for expatriés. Catherine finished just 2 mn before me, Sean is here also, Antoine, Khalid and Philippe too. We share with him that it was definitely a warm day and much harder than last year.
Tough the girls managed to be on the podium as the 2 nd best female performance as a club, congratulations to them and I hope this will push more expatriés to enjoy it next year for the 10th edition.

On my side, I have learnt that as hard as you train and even being able to handle heat (I grew up in FWI), some days won’t be a good day but a least remain a good experience as long as you don’t quit.
I could be able to check that in 2 weeks in Chemin des dames….