IM Vichy – 26th August 2018 

Race Reporters: Florian


For me the swimming was super good, I finished after 1 hour and 23 minutes.

Out of the water I was freezing because outside it was super cold.

I took my bike and I was ready to go for the 180 km.

The route for the bicycle was pretty flat so not that hard. At the end of the bike after six hour and 45 minutes I use to feel a little bit my legs but it was normal.

After six minutes of transition I jumped into the run.

The first 20 K was pretty easy but at the end the last 20 K was super hard. Just at the beginning of the last 20 k my left knee started to hurt and that was really painful.

But my goal was really simple, I’m gonna finish this race no matter what!!! So after 5h11 Running I was done with the race and became an IRONMAN. Final time 13h33

One year before I wasn’t a triathlete, but I was in deep belief that everything is possible. So I set my goal (become an Ironman) and I kicked my ass 6 days/week during one of year training with an amazing team “expatriate triathlon” an I did it.