Expatries at Cepoy Triathlon

Cepoy, May 5th, 2022 (M) 

Race Reporter: Etienne

First triathlon of the year for many Expatriés, the Cepoy event took place under a nice sun, like the organization, which placed the participants of the club together in the bike park. The great S team (Marieke, Maxime, Benoit, Yann, Pieke) left Paris at dawn (7:06am train), and met before and after the event. Nice mano a mano between Marieke and Yann during the run. Maxime was not far from going under 20′ on the 5 km. Everyone was smiling.

The M team (Luis, Numa, Etienne, Antoine, Romain, Mathieu, Eymard, Alain) were able to take advantage of this final, for those who had already arrived on site. Luis went to chat with a huge guy, and says to me: “he’s going to win” (and he won!).

At 2:30pm it’s the start, we were all grouped in the water (finally not too cold, about 17 degrees, perfect in combination). Two laps with an Australian-style exit in between. I start fast enough to stall in the wake of a “fast”, without trying to follow the “furious” in front. Result: a quiet race for two, no one in front, no one behind, I over took on the 2nd lap. It was obviously much more agitated behind…

I came out of the water in the first 20, everyone else has their shoes already attached to the bike, when I put mine on dutifully. Let’s go for two bike loops, but first, a 15% steep climb followed by a false flat descending into town with a tight turn, and of course I fall! My chain remains a little blocked but I manage to start again without too much difficulty, seeing another cyclist fall in the same place at an impressive speed. I hope he didn’t hurt himself too much. Afterwards, the course is rolling, I see the cars pass me in front of me (I’m used to it), including Luis (shortly after the halfway point) and Numa who encouraged me on the way. I also caught up with a few competitors, morale is good, but I’m scared on the descents.

Paced at 10 km. I started at a medium speed and then I accelerated after 1 km. Children handed us water regularly, fortunately because it is getting hot. The legs felt OK, but I know that I don’t have the “reserve” to hold the 10 km at the pace that I would like to keep (ski injury, covid…).

The 2nd in the women’s ranking passes me, I try to follow, but I don’t insist. The last 2km are very long! Numa and Luis greet me on arrival and worry about my scrapes. Oh, it’s over. Luis is 2nd in his category, 18th overall time, after a great bike and a great run. Cheer ! We welcome the other participants of the club as we go. The sun is still there, it smells (a little) of the coming summer. And other great races.