Damien in the mud of Transbaie 2015

Damien at Trainsbaie 2015

Damien at Trainsbaie 2015

Transbaie 2015 – 17km trail run – June 21, 2015 – Baie de Somme, France

Fantastic run in the mud during 17km in the « Baie de Somme » linking Saint Valery-sur-Somme and Le Crotoy.

Around 6 300 runners take part in this well known event. I don’t know how many shoes and cell phones… have been lost in the bay but the scenery was quite impressive.

We started with an easy 3km warm up in town then it got serious over in the bay during low tide. A lot of mud, dust…. Quite difficult to get through, but a very good atmosphere. Very good exercise training for runners. All runs seems easy after this one!