Camille comes home to Lac des Sapins

Lac des Sapins Triathlon – Olympic distance – June 18th 2017

Race reporter Camille

Like Francois and his Salagou Triathlon, Lac des Sapins was for me a good way to come back home.
Indeed, it’s not far from Lyon, and the location is well known to spend the weekend.
At the beginning of the year when I scheduled my races, I decided to go for the M distance, as it would be my first triathlon at this distance.
Everyone at the club told me it’s a beautiful race so I was looking forward to do it.
I arrived in Lyon Friday evening by train with one of my friend (Nico) who was competing as well. We stayed at my parent’s place and decided to relax with one beer, just ONE.

The day after, we moved to Lac des Sapins to drop off our equipment. We also had the opportunity to stay at a friend’s house near the lake, which was very comfortable for us.We had a really nice evening with a beautiful sunset and my father kept making jokes about the cycling part and how hilly it can be in the area.
Sunday morning was already sunny and hot. The water temperature was 23.8°C, which was a relief for most of the swimmers, wet suit authorized!
The race started around 9:30. The beginning of the swim was muddy for 100-200 meters and it’s not really wide so you might experience the fighting spirit.

Anyway it all went well and I moved to the cycling part, followed by friend Nico (1 minute behind). On the first hill, he caught me and I knew it would be a tough part. But tough does not mean you cannot enjoy the landscape and the countryside!!

The volunteers were amazing along the route and you just had to smile on your bike. I even managed to catch my friend on the last hill. I guess it was my mountain bike experience that helped me in the descents. What a good way to end the cycle together until the running part.

The run goes through the forest alongside the lake with some sunny parts. At that time it was really hot and complicated, especially in the hilly part. Because yes it was a 10k trail. I started to feel cramps and I didn’t know if it was the lack of brick training or a lack of Beaujolais ^^.

After 3h21min of effort I crossed the finished line, followed 3min after by my friend. We went straight to the recovery point where some free beers were waiting for us while Chris and Antoine were probably still on their bike for their second loop (L distance). All my respect to them.
In conclusion, Lac des Sapins is worth the challenge. It’s well organized and it’s really beautiful out there. Ready for the next one!