Beauvais Olympic

Last year this competition had horrendous rain, but this year it was a wondersfull sunny afternoon.

A first outdoor triathlon for Owen, and first Olympic distance for both Owen and Blythe, nick was just having fun using it as a training race.

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Decided to take a short cut and swim to the start, which turned out to be a bad idea as it then put us in the front row at the start, but happily all ladies were put in on the right so they were left out of the general foray !

Owen kicked ass on the swim, but lost his bearings as he got out and was overtaken by nick, who then never looked back.

Ride was 3 loops with a sharp hill at the start of each loop which made things interesting.

Run was twice round the lake, so nice and flat. Nick came in first, then Owen and both of them accompanied Blythe across the line when she finally arrive 😉

Warm and fun – just how its supposed to be, only shame was the drive back as hit the sunday return from long weekend traffic which made the journey back a little arduous.


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