Aytyg’s 1st Olympic distance tri in Paris

Garmin Triathlon de Paris – M distance – 29 May 2016

Aytug M Paris 2016

by Aytug Akar


Having started triathlon in 1995, I have competed in lots of races in different countries and coached triathletes. Since October 2015 I have been living and training in Paris as a member of Expatries Triathlon Team.

Attending Garmin Paris Triathlon Competition was a marvelous experience last weekend even with the dark and rainy weather.

After a walk all the way down the basin, a straight 1500 m swim course in Parc Interdepartmental de Choisy-le-Roi brought us back to T1. I ended up being the 1st  Expatries team member out of the water. Thanks Sylvain and Vincent for all of the training!

There were two different wide transition areas for this race which are well organized for the athletes. Next came a 40 km flat, speedy and a bit slippery bike course along the Seine and Paris city center. Organizers warned us to ride carefully.

Once in Paris, we head off on a cheerful 10 km running course with spectators cheering all around the Eiffel Tower and Trocadero. The race included over 1300 male and female athletes. And…not only did I see team mates competing, I also saw them all along the course  helping to keep everything organized. And of course they cheered me on as well.

Running a triathlon race is not an easy thing and organizing it, is a far more complicated especially in crowded cities like Paris but as an athlete I never felt any difficulty and had limitless fun while racing and after the race too.

Thank you Paris, Thank you Garmin Paris Triathlon Organization and Technical Committees, Thank you FFTRI.