Aurelie completes her 2nd HIM at Chantilly

Chateau de Chantilly Triathlon – 30 August 2015 – the Gauntlet HIM

Aurelie and Paul Chantilly 2015

Aurelie and Paul Chantilly 2015

by Aurelie Stoven

The Gauntlet (thanks Paul for the Etymologic explanation) was my second HIM of the year.

No time target, only an unshakeable will to finish it.

I had planned my 2 weeks holidays in August around qualitative training in run and bike in perspective to the race, but for different reasons, I had to drastically reduce these trainings to the minimum.

In the end, on that Sunday my spirit was only about “I did it once, I can do it twice”.

The swim went well with transition on my butt as I am definitely not certified to take off my wetsuit like Nick-The-Pro.

On the bike I quickly shifted to a regular pace, having gels every 40 mins and drinking regularly. I was happy, feeling well, overtaking few guys and 1 girl (when two others girls passed me). But at the 53rdkm I broke my speed and lost my pump, sad story I know.

I finished the last 35km on my “petit plateau” and with a strange “Cruiiiiiiiiic” noise all along. Funny to see people passing me by looking at me and looking at their bike, as they were afraid it could be contagious. By the way I thank the guy passing me who told me “If it makes a noise like this, it is not normal!!” NO KIDDING??!!!

The Run, omg, hot and very hot. In my mind I had only one thought “you must EAT the distance 5km by 5km”. Thankfully, we had strong supporters along the race, Marie and Romain making all the spectators around shout our names when we were passing by. This was just what we needed!  Starting the second loop, I switched off my brain and just try to walk, run, well, move till the end.

5h52. Happy.