Aix Individual Half-Ironman

Expatriés member Tom Scott shared his experience of last Sunday’s Aix Half-Ironman:
Was a great day for it with an early start at the Lake of Peyrolles, 20KM from Aix. We all took buses early Sunday morning starting around 05:15. Plenty of time to do final bike preparation.

The swim was great as the water was fresh and the course was easy to follow with big yellow buoys everywhere.. no where to get lost.

The bike course was one which would make me go back and do it next year with a mixture of long straights, tight bends & steep sharp climbs. The views were incredible.

The transition into the run was in the heart of Aix, music blaring with supporters all around the fountain.. Four times around the same course going through the nearby streets and the local park with some short inclines.

A great way to see the local area! Definitely one to note for everyone interested to try next year.

[cml_media_alt id='97597']Half Ironman Aix[/cml_media_alt]