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A little information on what to expect……

The week before the competition we will release the precise wave time allocations (based on your level) and your briefing time.

You should arrive with enough time to pick up your bib number, get changed and get to the poolside for the briefing (minimum 15 mins)

– e.g  if your briefing is at 11:00am you should arrive no later than 10:45am

After the briefing, you will have 5 mins to test out the Wattbike, and set your saddle height etc…


START – You can either start in the water, (one hand touching the side) or you can dive in (if you feel like a Pro)

Swim – 300m thats 6 times up and back , you will be split 2 per lane – each competitor will have a dedicated monitor to time you and count your laps.

T1 (transition 1) – pull yourself out of the pool, mandatory 10seconds to dry yourself, then put on your trainers and hop on the bike.

Cycle – 7KM – Just get pedaling, you will have a screen countdown of the distance so you can follow how well you are doing, your monitor will provide water and advice if you need it.

T2 (transition 2) – hop off the bike and aim for the door

Run – 2.5km – You leave the pool and run up the stairs out onto the race course, which winds its way around the Bois de Boulogne, before heading back to the pool and the finish line.

FINISH – A table of drinks and snacks is waiting for you, and you can see who beat you – and who you beat !!

Following on from last weeks training plan – here is what you should try to get done as a minimum for next week…

WEEK 2 – Starting 10th March 2014

  • 10/3 Mon: Relax ;-)
  • 11/3 Tue: Run: 10 minutes easy, 10x (30 secs fast, 30 easy) 5 minutes easy
  • 12/3 Wed: Bike: 35 minutes easy or spin class or velib up a hill for 25 mins
  • 13/3 Thu: Swim 10 x 50m medium pace, rest 30 secs
  • 14/3 Fri: Run: 20 minutes easy
  • 15/3 Sat: Swim: 16 x 25 m easy, rest 20 seconds + 300m non-stop
  • 16/3 Sun: Bike: 45 minutes easy or spin class or velib up a hill for 30 mins