3 Weeks to happiness

Assuming you have been following the training plan (this weeks plan below) you will now have muscles bulging out of your clothes, which brings us to an important subject – how to look cool at the Super Sprint.

The essential peice of equipment is the Tri-suit, an all-in-one for males and females, thats it – no other clothes needed –  You swim in it, then cycle in it and then run in it, so it means no time is wasted in transition struggling with a dry T shirt on wet skin.

You can pick these up in a number of places, but by far the best and coolest is of course the Expatriés Team Tri-Suit  (featured below) available for purchase on-line and will be available on the day too. (while stocks last)

[cml_media_alt id='158']Expatries_Trisuit_Elite_s[/cml_media_alt]


Other than that, on your feet you simply need a pair of running trainers – the more fluorescent the better, and unless you want to lose a valuable 30secs, you should consider getting a pair of Triathlon laces – all the Pros will be wearing these (or something like them)

In case you don’t already have one – don’t forget the Triathlon Belt – a much better idea than safety pins

In case you don’t want to go for a Tri-suit, an ordinary swim suit will be fine, and a t-shirt to throw on when you get out of the pool. In this situation you can also ‘pin’ your number to the front of the T shirt, but you won’t look nearly as cool !

Oh – and don’t forget some warm clothes for afterwards – did I mention we also have Team Hoodies  (below) 😉

[cml_media_alt id='164']Hoody[/cml_media_alt]

*Team kit ordered online can be delivered on the day, (size exchanges possible while stocks last)


WEEK 4 Training – Starting 24th March 2014

  • 24/3 Mon: Relax ;-)
  • 25/3 Tue: Run: 5 or 6 x 2 minute intervals (so sprint for 2 mins then jog easy for 2 mins 5 or 6 times)
  • 26/3 Wed: Bike: 50 minutes easy or spin class or velib up and down a paris hill for 35 mins
  • 27/3 Thu: Swim 10 x 75m medium pace, rest 15 secs between each 75m
  • 28/3 Fri: Run: 35 minutes easy
  • 29/3 Sat: Swim: 10 x 75 m easy, rest 20 seconds + 300m non-stop
  • 30/3 Sun: Bike: 30 minutes easy then run 20 or 30mins