1 short month – CHECKLIST

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The weather is making it really easy for us to get outside, so take advantage of this –  as long as not too much alcohol is consumed the net effect is positive 😉

Below the weekly training guide, keeping it the same as last week, however if you want to go a little longer as its nice out, now is the time to do it !

This week also a checklist of all the key bits and pieces you should bring with you on the 13th April.


  1. Yourself (in physically capable condition) – This is the number one key important element !!
  2. FFTRI license or Medical Certificate – Without it you are not racing !
  3. ID – to prove its you who registered
  4. Swimsuit / Tri-suit – Swimming naked is discouraged
  5. Goggles / Swimcap (optional)
  6. Towel – to dry yourself when you leave the pool
  7. Running Trainers (no need for socks) – there are no specific attachments on the Wattbike
  8. Tri-belt or T shirt and safety pins to pin dossard front and backbring both just in case
  9. Water bottle for hydration while you are riding – you WILL need hydrating
  10. Fresh / Warm clothes for afterwards – team hoodies will be on sale
  11. Plastic bag to put wet clothes in

WEEK 3 Training – Starting 17th March 2014

  • 17/3 Mon: Relax ;-)
  • 18/3 Tue: Run: 10 minutes easy, 10x (30 secs fast, 30 easy) 5 minutes easy
  • 19/3 Wed: Bike: 35 minutes easy or spin class or velib up a hill for 25 mins
  • 20/3 Thu: Swim 10 x 50m medium pace, rest 30 secs
  • 21/3 Fri: Run: 20 minutes easy
  • 22/3 Sat: Swim: 16 x 25 m easy, rest 20 seconds + 300m non-stop
  • 23/3 Sun: Bike: 45 minutes easy or spin class or velib up a hill for 30 mins