You have limited to no experience of one or more of the three disciplines and have yet to take part in regular competitions.
Season Objective: Sprint distance triathlon

1 session per week
including some coached sessions

1 session per week
preferably a saturday cycle and run

1 – 2 sessions per week
including one running technique session

Approaching race day
try a brick session to familiarise yourself with the transitions

Total: 3 – 6 hours per week


This is at least your second season and you know your strengths and weaknesses.
Season Objective: Olympic distance / HIM

2 sessions per week
1 distance swim + 1 coached/technique focus

1 – 2 sessions per week
1 weekend long ride + 1 sprint session

2 – 3 sessions per week
1 long run, 1 track session + 1 tempo session

Make one of your sessions a brick session at least once per month to smooth out your transitions.

Total: 6 – 12 hours per week


You have already competed in most distances over 2+ seasons.
Season Objective: HIM / IM

3 sessions per week
continue occasional coached sessions + open water

 2–3 sessions per week
1 long ride + Sprint / HT session

Everywhere, all the time
1 long run + 1 track session + 2 tempo sessions

Keep your transition skills honed and make the most efficient use of your training time with regular brick sessions.

Total: 10 – 16 hours per week

* paid member only


We are able to provide members with a personalised training plan, adapted to meet your specific goals and objectives.
Developed after individual consultation with our triathlon coach Sylvain Dodet and tailored to you specifically

  • Planning

    Planning is kept 2 weeks in advance so can be amended based on your availabilities (holidays / work load etc..)

  • Training

    Based on the club training routine, so you can attend as many of the club coached sessions as possible

  • Plan adjustment

    Your plan will be adjusted according to your evolution. Every week, you'll share your feedback and the coach will ensure you stay on track

All your training questions answered, taking into account your personal specificities. You really will not have any more excuses left!

This individual one-on-one coaching is available for a limited number of people on a monthly basis for 50€ per month, starting either 1st or 15th of each month, although we don’t have a minimum period it is generally recommended to have 3 months minimum before your goal competition.