Finding a pool in Paris is fairly easy using sites like this one, however, there are a lot of people who also want to use these facilities, which can make it difficult to put together a good quality training session. If your work is flexible we recommend going mid-afternoon (just after lunch) if not then early morning 7 am is probably your best bet.

Like running, just turning up and doing the same old thing isn’t going to help you progress though, a simple online search can find you many different types of session and technique advice, which you can decide (or not!) to follow.


Expatriés are lucky enough to have private swim lanes (just for us) every Tuesday and Thursday morning, Thursday evenings and Friday afternoons. These sessions are exclusively for Team members only, one of our trainers provides a workout based on this table.

Lundi Mardi Mercredi Jeudi Vendredi
Swim training Piscine Jacqueline Auriol - 75008
Swim training Piscine Jacqueline Auriol - 75008
Swim focus beginners Piscine Mourlon - 75015
FOCUS Swim technique Piscine Henry de Montherlant - 75016
Swim training Piscine Butte aux Cailles - 75013


Cergy Base de Loisirs
Available for team members holding a Cergy Lake Pass ONLY

The club has an agreement with the base which allows any team member to use the lake for open water swimming. The team organises a training session there usually once per week during the summer months.
Pass holders are permitted to swim without team supervision :

September to May
> Everyday from sun up until sundown.

June to August
> From Monday to Friday: access to the lake from sun up until sundown.
> Weekend and holiday: from sun up until 13h then you get to swim again in the evening

It is still advisable to swim with others (don’t go alone).

Torcy Base de Loisirs
April – September (depending on lake temperature)
Available for team members holding a Torcy Lake Pass ONLY

Pass holders are permitted to swim during the hours stated as long as they hold a lake pass, and wear the provided cap. It is always advisable to swim with others (don’t go alone).

Tuesday and Thursday evenings between 19h and 20h30

Saturday mornings between 9h and 11h

Changing rooms, lockers and showers are also provided at the base, and as it’s out in the country it has a beautiful 5km lap running route around the lake and even some great picnic / BBQ spots.

Team weekend sessions to practise open water swimming, transitions and getting a fire started are proving very popular!

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