Finding a pool in Paris is fairly easy using sites like this one, however, there are a lot of people who also want to use these facilities, which can make it difficult to put together a good quality training session. If your work is flexible we recommend going mid-afternoon (just after lunch) if not then early morning 7 am is probably your best bet.

Like running, just turning up and doing the same old thing isn’t going to help you progress though, a simple online search can find you many different types of session and technique advice, which you can decide (or not!) to follow.


Expatriés are lucky enough to have private swim lanes (just for us) almost every day of the week. These sessions are exclusively for Team members only, one of our trainers provides a workout based on the team training plan.

Swimming vocabulary translation

Acronyme Français Anglais Commentaire Exemples
Br Brasse Breast stroke 100m Br

Swim 100m non-stop breast stroke

Nager 100m non-stop en brasse

Cr / c Crawl Freestyle
Pap Papillon Butterfly
Dos Dos crawlé Backstroke
Jbs / Jbes Battements de jambes Leg kicks 50Cr/50Jbs

Swim 100m, non-stop ,alternate 50m in breast stroke, and 50m legs kicks

Nager 100m non-stop, 50m Crawl, 50m battements

Ondul Ondulations Wave-like body movement / dolphin kick
4N 4 nages medley Pap /dos / Br / Cr 100m 4nages

25Pap, 25dos, 25Br, 25 Cr (in this order / dans cet ordre)

Educ Educatif Drills The coach will give the drills. Or, when the session just says Educ, if the coach says nothing (or if there is no coach) do the ones that you know are good for your technique.

Le coach decrit les éductatifs. Si ce n’est pas le cas, ou si il n’y a pas de coach, effectuer les éducatifs

Waterpolo Waterpolo Freestyle, keeping the head out of the water, looking forward

Crawl en nageant la tête hors de l’eau et de face

Rattrapé Catch-up Freestyle, one arm at a time

Crawl, un bras après l’autre

NC Nage Complète / sans pull buoy Without Pull-buoy
Costal Side stroke Swim on one side, one arm forward, one arm against the leg, kicking legs

Nage sur un côté, un bras loin devant, l’autre le long de la cuisse, battre des jambes

Fusée Rocket Two arms far forwards, hands together, shoulders touching the ears, leg kick

Les deux bras en avant, les mains se touchent, et les épaules le plus près possible des oreilles, avancer en battement

Torpille Torpedo Rocket position, and rotate the body every 5 seconds (specific to Laurent)

En position fusée, pivoter le corps entier toutes les 5 secondes (spécifique à Laurent)

PB / Pull Pull buoy Pull buoy 300 pull (75c,25 jbes)
P / PLQ Plaquettes Hand paddles
PP Pull buoy + plaquettes Pull buoy + paddles
PPE Pull buoy / plaquettes / élastique Pull buoy + paddles + elastic band 300 PE R1’

3×100 PPE R25″

50 souple

300 NC

Elastique Elastic band Sometimes we swim with a PB and an elastic band around the ankles.

Nous pouvons nager avec un pull buoy et un élastique autour des chevilles.

Palmes Fins
Tuba Snorkel
Souple Easy
Moyen Medium
Hypoxie Hypoxia Swimming (most often freestyle) with very little breathing

Nager (le plus souvent en crawl) en respirant très peu

300 m 5tps , 25 3 tps , 50 7 tps, 25 libre
Fractionné Fartlek
Culbute Tumble turn
3/5/7 tps 3/5/57 temps 3/5/7 times When training in hypoxia : the number of arm move before breathing

Pendant un entrainement en hypoxie : le nombre de movements de bras avant chaque respiration

100m 3/5tps

100m 3/5/7tps

100m 3/9tps

Z1 – Z5 Zone 1 – Zone 5 (1 = facile, 5 = à fond) Zone 1 – Zone 5 (1 = easy, 5 = all-out) 4×25 z1/z3/z1/z3
R= / r = Récupération Recovery 6x100m r = 25’’


Cergy Base de Loisirs
Available for team members holding a Cergy Lake Pass ONLY (additional charge to pay to the lake management)

The club has an agreement with the base which allows any team member to use the lake for open water swimming.

Take a passport photo and you will get a pass for parking, access to changing rooms / showers / lockers, lake fully surveilled, you can swim anytime between sun up and own during the week, and between sun up and 13h the weekend.
Sylvain will be holding regular sessions here each sunday he is in town.

Pass holders are permitted to swim without team supervision :

April to August
> From Monday to Friday: access to the lake from sun up until sundown.
> Weekend and holiday: from sun up until 13h then you get to swim again in the evening

We advise you to never swim alone.
Please make sure your first time at a lake it either at an official team session, or with other experienced team members.

Torcy Base de Loisirs
April – September (depending on lake temperature)
Available for team members registered with the CD77 here

Pass holders are permitted to swim during the hours stated as long as they hold a lake pass, and wear the provided cap.
We advise you to never swim alone.
Please make sure your first time at a lake it either at an official team session, or with other experienced team members.

The Triathletes swim on Tuesday and Thursday evenings from 19h – 20h30 and the saturdays between 8h and 10h – meet here↵ – there are no changing rooms, but places to lock bikes – so go prepared.

We advise you to never swim alone.
Please make sure your first time at a lake is either at an official team session, or with other experienced team members.