Training is like fighting a Gorilla, you don’t stop when you get tired, you stop when the Gorilla gets tired

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Training sessions are free to join so please come along and meet the team / get involved, all official sessions are managed using meet-up


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Ensure you RSVP on meet-up so we know to expect you



Once you understand how it all works, and want to continue and be part of the team, you can officially join up here

Certain swimming sessions have limited space so are reserved for paying team members only


The whole point of group training is to help motivate you to get up and get the training done, as an added benefit you will meet people who want the same thing as you, and as a result you will end up having a little fun while you are at it 😉


FPP – Frequently posed problems


Problem: I want to join a club, but i’m not fit enough yet.

Response: What ?? you don’t join a club once you are fit, you join a club to GET fit !


Problem: I would like to do a triathlon but i’m not a good swimmer.

Response: We have regular swim sessions and a great instructor, if you want to get better at swimming then just come along, for advice and most of all just get swimming !


Problem: I don’t have a bike / wetsuit.

Response: These are investments you will eventually have to make, however we can help you out with cheap rentals to get you started.


Problem: The training sessions are not convenient for my schedule.

Response: Team swim sessions are at fixed times due to pool availability, for other sessions we encourage members to use the meet-up site to propose training sessions at times and places which are convenient to you, at worst you might find another person who has the same schedule, and if it proves popular we can try and make it into a regular team session.