Swim Level

Team Swim Categorisation



The most important element of our swim practise is to ensure that everyone gets to swim !

In order to do this we need to ensure that people of the same level are swimming together as this make for a more ‘harmonious’ session.

To help us do this with Vincent has developed a basic categorisation of everyone in the team based on the following definitions…


1Unknown level / Beginner
Requires basic technique training to understand how to swim correctly.
2Beginner +
Basic technique understood, but not yet fully implemented. Knows what to do but needs to work on speed.
No major technique errors, although work still to be done. Unable to maintain speed over distance.
Confidently able to tackle any session, focus less on technique and more on timing.


Remember its only by swimming regularly that you will progress, don’t expect to listen to some advice or watch a couple videos on the internet, then be able to become a super swimmer, it takes practise – a general ‘rule of thumb’ for swim training is this –

  • Swim 1 time per week – technique will suffer
  • Swim 2 times per week – maintain current technique
  • Swim 3+ times per week – you will improve

What are you waiting for  – get out there and swim swim swim 😉


So, what level are you ? If we haven’t had a chance to see you swim yet, you are automatically put straight into Level 1 – make sure you get a spot at one of our swim training sessions so we can take a look at your level. For the rest of you – take a look in the table below:-