Swim Clinic


     Sunday 25th October 2015 – Piscine Henri de Montherlant

Who is it for ?

3 focus sessions:Tallinn Coaches Feb 2015 (1)

Beginners: Swimmers with limited skills needing to understand the basics of swim technique (but can swim at least 100m non-stop)

Intermediate: Swimmers who practice regularly, but need overall guidance with technique

Advanced: Long-term swimmers who need to fine-tune their technique under close inspection

What will you get ?

2hrs personal instruction, video analysis, feedback and follow-up

Swim_Clinic_230 mins Classroom (Poolside!) session: Find out about us and our approach to swim training, and let us know your specific problems / requirements

1h Pool session: First we film your stroke for individual analysis, then instruct you on several challenging progression drills, fundamental in building a proper technique base.

30 mins video analysis: Once you are done swimming we will take you through your videos to see the difference.

Post-clinic follow up: Our instruction doesn’t stop at the pool. After the clinic, you’ll receive a detailed follow-up via email, including a private link to your swimming video, a detailed recap of the drills you worked on during the clinic, and a full analysis of your stroke.

Who is Swimspire ?Julia Photo


Head Instructor Biography:

Julia Galan, founder and director of Swimspire, is a certified USA Swimming coach, a lifelong competitive swimmer, and a member of USA Swimming and United States Masters Swimming. Julia has trained both in the United States and Europe at the regional and national levels. She has been coaching swimmers and triathletes of all levels since 2004.  Julia is also a regular contributor to IRONMAN.com.