Short Term Membership

Short term club membership

For any 4 month period between

01 October 2016 and 30 September 2017

Open to all nationalities, no pre-required level or knowledge.

Can only be used 1 time per year.

Membership gives you the right to (But does NOT include) an FFTRI License.

Team Membership 100€ 

We help you with your integration into the world of France Triathlon, providing help on all the relevant aspects:

  • Development of your personal Training Plan and definition of your seasons competitions and objectives
  • Participation in all club training sessions, for help and advice from senior members
  • Information on the key equipment you need, good deals and expert advice on bikes
  • Private swim lanes every Thursday and Friday with regular access to Pro swim coach
  • Qualified running coach to chase you around the track every Wednesday
  • Unlimited access to several Lakes close to Paris for Open water swim training
  • Regular private sessions, bike workshops, social evenings, training weekends away, Open water swim + BBQ evenings etc…

If you prefer to pay by cheque / bank transfer, find club payment details here