The run at the end of a Triathlon is where you find out if you have managed your energy correctly…….or not

Although one of the most accessible of sports, running is also the sport most likely to cause injuries because its high impact nature, which is why we highly recommend all members to take part in at least one of the coached running sessions per week.

CarolineSpring Marathon Training

From January our running sessions loosely follow a training plan for the Paris Marathon, the lovely Caroline (right) is the expert of exactly what we should be achieving in each session, and will be making sure that we follow the plan !!

Our dedicated running sessions each week break down as follows, each session based on your objective marathon race pace

Monday – Track / speed session (well above marathon race pace)

Wednesday – Marathon race pace session (working on slightly increasing this)

Sunday – Long run (below marathon race pace at an ‘easy pace’)

To work out your Marathon race pace take a look at the tables below, the first will give you an idea of your level based on your 5km / 10km / Half marathon times.


Then use this level to find out what your objective marathon time should be and hence what your different pace should be for each different type of session.

*note these calculations and all goals and objectives are indicative and do not guarantee results (especially if you don’t do the sessions 😉

In complement to this Caroline will also be adding a ‘special session’ each saturday, which she will be doing in the place of the Brick session.