Rosario rides Girona Gran Fondo


Rosario rides the Girona Gran Fondo

Rosario rides the Girona Gran Fondo

Girona Gran Fondo cycle race – 152km (+1.700m) – June 20, 2015 – Girona, Spain

Girona is a wonderful city just one hour from Barcelona, well connected with Paris and perfect place for training. Maybe is this the reason why more than 100 cycling pros have chosen this place to live? The landscape is amazing and each year in June there is the Girona Gran Fondo Festival: an entire week totally dedicated to the bike.

For the all week I trained on the bike discovering the Girona’s territory with a perfect weather and after ride obviously siesta and cerveza’s time.
I met a lot of cycling pros and one of them pass me during a training on an uphill at 35/40 km/h while I was hardly going at 17km/h.
Saturday 20th June there was the race: 125km, 1700m of climbing and 250 participants from all around the world. The circuit was a loop through the Garrotxa Volcanic region. The first 75 km were all in uphill while the last 50km are in downhill. Good people, good feelings, sun, smiles and love for the bike in the air give me an unbelievable week.
Next year I’ll be there again!

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