You should learn to walk before you Swim, Bike, Run

Many of our members find that they require more personalised one on one guidance to achieve their objectives, we have a great network of swim, run and bike professionals, specialised fitness instructors and professional triathlon coaches – feel free to contact them to find out how they can help you.


Maison du Running

Specializing in running, triathlon, trail, fitness and nutrition, the Maison du Running has had an online presence since November 2014 and is in the process of opening the one of the biggest stores (375m²) in Ile-de-France this fall in Montigny les Cormeilles (95).

The innovative customer experience will include on-site cycle repair, three in-store track lanes for trying out new shoes, as well as a 90m² fitness space with treadmills, rowing machines, TRXs and a space for cross-fit classes. It will also serve as a departure point for local running clubs.

The owners swim, cycle and run themselves so they know firsthand about equipment performance. They are also the association Triaxion who organize the Cergy Triathlon event each year – this year including a paratriathlon team in each event distance – so they know the specific needs of triathletes both in training and in competition.

They sell running/trail/track shoes; clothing: such as the brand new Orca open water wet suit with neon orange sleeves (139€); accessories such as Garmin triathlon watches; and even an Oxsitis tri belt with magnetic clips (18€)…no more hole punch required =) Check out the full collection here:

The boutique is present at many of the major running/tri events in Ile-de-France during the year including the Paris Marathon, Corrida de Houilles, La Pisciacaise, Cergy Triathlon…and they will also be present in the village area of the Garmin Triathlon de Paris on July 3, 4 & 5th at Stade Emile Antoine. Mention “Karen” for a 10% discount in-store or on-line (team members only!)

Our contact, Adnane, ( or is available to assist any of our members (in English as well!!!) with advice on all kinds of running and triathlon gear, shoes, clothing and accessories…

The team is truly customer-oriented (and honest) with a long experience in the sports retail business. They maintain current market research so as to offer only the latest high quality products (Lolë coming soon). Working with a small size operation is a great way to get specialized attention for your particular needs and help them grow so they can continue to be there for you!

Find their Fb page here



Paris Bike Company

Your best solution for all bike related issues.
Nothing is more important than having a perfect position on the bike:Paris_bike_co_logo
You can buy the lightest frame, equip it with the highest-end group and the most aerodynamic wheels, wear the most technical outfits, but all this will be useless if you are not well positioned, balanced, and in harmony with your bike.
For over 15 years Sam at Paris Bike Co has been helping professional cyclists and amateurs alike in the development of their position on the bike.
It is my profound passion to work WITH you, and not dictate to you, how to be at one with your bike. We work TOGETHER so that you comprehend how to be more comfortable and efficient on your bike.
Bike Fitting Price: 60€ an hour TTC  depending on the time it takes to guide you to the proper position. (spare parts not included). Most fits take between one and two hours.
You need to come “ready to ride” as you’ll also be getting a workout! We need to see how you feel and react to changes and this takes time and effort on both parties involved.
Let Sam know that you are a Expatriés Triathlon member and he will also give you a 10% discount (team members only !)


Inflow Fitness

personal fitness coaching

InFlow Fitness is a Paris-based company specialising in fitness and wellness solutions in the comfort of your own home, workplace or local park. Based on your needs and desires, we design and implement a personalised health and fitness program to help and empower you to achieve your objectives.

Expatriés Triathlon Team members receive 15% discount for all fitness and well-being services.

Our team consists of highly skilled fitness and wellness practitioners who are ready to serve your specific needs.

No need to spend time searching for the different specialists you think you may need.

We will develop an individually tailored program aimed at improving your health and fitness, focusing on triathlon performance. Let’s say you first need treatment on your neck from a qualified osteopath, then to improve your cardiovascular fitness via small group personal training whilst engaging in a dietary overhaul with a cutting-edge nutritionist and finally rewarding all your hard work with a monthly deep tissue massage.

Together our team can help you best understand your starting point and build a personal plan to help you realise your goals.

Please look at our website for more information about InFlow Fitness and our team. We can’t wait to help you achieve your triathlon and overall fitness and wellness goals !



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Pierre-Yves Provost

pro triathlon coach

A highly experienced triathlon coach, can get you onto the right track with a weekly training schedule based on your level and objectives, available any time by e-mail for advice and encouragement.

Website Here