Medical Certificate

From 1st January 2017 the medical certificate has evolved due to the passing of the law of 26 January 2016 regarding the modernisation of the health system as well as the 24 August 2016 decree n°2016-1157 related to medical certificates attesting to the absence of any contraindication for the practice of sports in competition.
Going forward, the wording “no contraindication for the practice of sport in competition” will be valid for all sports with the exception of those which are indicated on the form.
Additionally, a medical certificate will now be required only once every three years (instead of annually) in the case of a licence renewal. The alternate years the licence holder will fill out a health questionnaire where they may reveal any risk factors which might necessitate an annual medical visit.
Read the Minister of Sport’s press release : Pratique sportive : Simplification du certificat médical
Due to the tardy publication of the decree related to the medical certificate, the FFTRI will require the completion of this medical certificate in 2018 in addition to the completion health questionnaire.