Long Distance Challenge 2017

Expatriés Long Distance Challenge 2017

This is the main trophy for those competing in long distance races (half-Ironman, Ironman etc).


  1. There is no limit to the number of races you can do. However, only the points from your best 2 will count.
  2. Any official long distance triathlon, wherever in the world it may be, will be eligible.
  3. Triathletes must have RSVP’d for the race on MeetUp so that their fellow Expatriés can see who’s racing and when. If the event is not on MeetUp, please schedule the race and one of the Event Organisers will make sure it is posted on the site.
  4. Points will be awarded according to where the triathlete finishes in their age-group: 150 points for finishing in the 1st decile, 140 points for the 2nd, 130 points for the 3rd etc. Minimum 60pts for any race starter (even if they retire).
  5. If age-group results are not available points will be awarded according to the triathletes’ finishing position in SF, SH, VF, & VH.
  6. Points coefficients – x1 for half-Ironman and x1.25 for Ironman (or longer distance) races.
  7. Non-standard distance races will be scored as per their equivalent standard race.
  8. If the swim is cancelled (e.g. due to the water temperature being below 12°C) but the race goes ahead as a duathlon, the scoring will be as #4 above.
  9. If there is a tie at the end of the season, the race officers will do a countback to determine the winner.
  10. In the event of any confusion/ambiguity the race officers’ decision will be final.
  11. At the Annual Awards Dinner a trophy will be awarded to the overall winner.

Current League Table

RankNamePointsRacesAverage Place
1Cedric Sellin295223.9%
2Philipe Stadnik200256%
3Antoine Eckly180267.7%
4Chmouel Boudjnah160274.2%
5Luis Rojas140111.4%
5Julien Ternynck140113.2%
5Cat Thomas1401 15.4%
8Caroline Mehigan130125%
8Tania Atwell130127.8%
10Mike Atwell120132.7%
10Adrien Obry120136.6%

10Bruno Fonseca120140%
10Khalid Laghroubi120197.4%
14Roberto Townshend112.5160.9%
15Stephane Jander110145.6%
15Farid Abderrezak110145.7%
15Julien Theulier110149.3%
15Tom Scott110143.8%
19Chris Smith100152.2%
20Guillaume Donetti90165.2%
20Gael Cailleaux90169.2%
19Winoch Billette80170.2%
22David Brulotte80175%
22Benjamin Soultany80177.8%
25Fabrice Lai70182.2%
Gerard Mihranyan60196.2%
26Valentino Palmieri601100%

Breakdown of results from individual events