Valid from 01 September 2023 to 31 Decembre 2024

*Useful if you are planning to do several competitions in France in 2023 / 2024
*Only for the Expatriés Triathlon team members

Licence perks

  • Without a license to take part in a Triathlon competition you will need to buy a «licence à la journée», and have a medical certificate

Easy 2 step process

  1. UPDATE YOUR PROFILE and finalise your demand for a license ON THE FFTRI WEBSITE 
  2. Make payment (to the club) using the formula on the right

Once payment has been validated your license will be processed in about 7 days, you will receive confirmation from the FFTRI once its valid and then you can download your License directly.

For the license to be valid you must send a copy of your Medical certificate to

Medical Certificate