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MEMBERSHIP OPEN EARLY IN 2022 – if you join today your membership starts immediately and will continue until 1 September 2023

No pre-required level
(capable of 25m front crawl)
Open to all nationalities
Access to an buy antabuse online cheap
(Not included)


We help you with your integration into the world of Triathlon in France, providing help on all the relevant aspects:

  1. Development of your personal training plan and help in choosing your competitions and setting objectives
  2. Participation in all club training sessions, for help and advice from senior members
  3. Information on the key equipment you need, exclusive deals and expert advice on bikes
  4. Private swim lanes with a pro swim coach, cheap antabuse online
  5. Qualified running coaches to chase you around the track every week, buy cheap antabuse
  6. Regular sessions at two lakes close to Paris for open water swim training, additional registration and fees required, cheap antabuse
  7. purchase antabuse online, bike workshops, social evenings, where can i purchase antabuse, purchase antabuse + BBQ evenings etc… additional registration and fees may be required