We couldn’t find a group who did exactly what we wanted to do….. so we created one


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Expatries Triathlon Club


….was founded at the end of 2007 in Neuilly sur Seine by David Sullivan (centre right) and David Dancy (centre left)

An Englishman and an American perhaps slightly frustrated with the lack of help / advice / information available regarding the local Triathlon scene, decided to make the bold move and create their own structure to help people like them find the best cycling routes out of Paris.


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As with most who enter a French bureaucratic structure, they were not entirely sure what they had created, nor what exactly they were supposed to do, they were required to create a few key values that should define the club – and they obviously did a good job, as these are the same values that make us so popular today !



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Over the next few years the small team of 10 including Brian (centre) and Greg (right) took part in triathlon competitions all over france; not knowing what they were doing didn’t stop them, and still doesn’t…

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Dave S made way for Bob (back row, second from right) as Président and the team gained notoriety and a few extra members.

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Growing to 28 by the end of the 2011 season – an official group of ‘Directors’ was born and the Expatriés began to feel like a real team.


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By the 2011 Paris Triathlon Expatriés was one of the best represented teams in the competition and had become known as holding the best and largest picnics at any Triathlon competition in the Ile de France !

 In 2012 Bob handed over the Presidents role to the ‘up-and-coming’ Nick (third from right) and the team made the move to Paris to officially become the


International Triathlon team of Paris