Challenge 2017

Expatriés Triathlon Challenge 2017

The main trophy event of the season for those racing Sprint and Olympic distance triathlons.


The main rules, slightly revised from 2015, are as follows:

  1. There is no limit to the number of races you can do. However, only the points from your best 5 will count.
  2. Any official sprint or Olympic distance triathlon, wherever in the world it may be, will be eligible.
  3. Triathletes must have RSVP’d for the race on MeetUp so that their fellow Expatriés can see who’s racing and when. If the event is not on MeetUp, please schedule the race and one of the Event Organisers will make sure it is posted on the site.
  4. Points are awarded for each race in the following FFTri categories – senior femme (SF), senior homme (SH), veteran femme (VF) & veteran homme (VH). Sub-categories of the above i.e. VH1, VH2 etc are irrelevant for the purposes of calculating points.
  5. If results are not separated between senior and veteran categories (usually determined by each race organiser) the Expatriés race officers will calculate points based on the information available.
  6. Points will be awarded according to where the triathlete finishes in their category (see #4 above): 10pts for finishing in the 1st decile, 9 points for the 2nd, 8 points for the 3rd etc. Minimum 2pts for any race starter (even if they retire).
  7. Points coefficients – x1 for Sprints and x1.5 for Olympic distance races. Super-sprints, découvertes etc… are non-point scoring races for this Challenge.
  8. Non-standard races i.e. Sprint+, Olympic+ etc will be scored as standard Sprint, standard Olympic etc.
  9. If the swim is cancelled (e.g. due to the water temperature being below 12°C) but the race goes ahead as a duathlon, the scoring will be as #4 above.
  10. If there is a tie at the end of the season, the race officers will do a countback to determine 1st, 2nd and 3rd places.
  11. In the event of any confusion/ambiguity the race officers’ decision will be final.
  12. At the Annual Awards Dinner, prizes will be awarded to the top 3 in each of the 4 categories.

Current League Tables

Senior HommesRacesPointsVeteran HommesRacesPoints 
Luca Foppiano
328.0Luis Rojas223.5
David Brulotte222.5Sean Hurst215.0
Louis Leclerc216.5Igor Syrovatski113.5
Eduardo Larrain316.5Djil Benabbou111.0
Fred Baine213.5Bertrand Raymond110.5
Francois Maury213.5Duncan Low17.5
Miguel Ortega
213.0Fabrice Huu Tien Lai17.5
Chris Smith112.0Aytug Akar16.0
James Dyrda212.0Matthieu Flauraud14.5
Bruno Fonseca312.0Hugues de Sailly14.5
Philippe Stadnick110.5David Le Dorlot13.0
Farid Abderrezak110.5Peter Canisius13.0
Dan Carle110.5Rick Sherfey13.0
Antoine Eckly19.0Benoit Lefebvre12.0
Julien Ternynck19.0
Adrien Obry18.0
Camille Poulet1 7.5
Tom Scott17.0
Manuel Rodriguez-Brito16.0
Côme Le Net15.0
Jerome Vestur15.0
Andreas Mastorakos15.0
Khalid Laghroubi14.5
Virgile Raingeard14.5
Gauthier Bonnot14.0
Guillaume Billon13.0
César Manrique12.0

1Kathryn Harrison216Karen Decter39
2Caroline Mehigan215Cat Thomas19
3Hilary Norris213
Céline Ballet17.5
4Alexandra Messager112Sarah Hosking16
5Aurelie Stoven19Ourida Sid15
5Bettina Fischer29
Wippy Lejolief14
7Anaïs Blarel18
7Louise Waters18
9Vivien Shi17
9Kinga Szilagyi17
11Candice Morvan16
12Constance Marle14.5

Breakdown of results from individual events