Training Peaks

Team Based Training Plan

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All our group training sessions and competitions are published and attendance is organised on the Meetup site here, however to ensure manageability these sessions are published on a weekly basis, often by the leader of each individual session.

To see how each session fits into the overall Team season plan, then please join our training peaks group by clicking here (Paid members only)

TrainingPeaks is a very useful application (available on mobile too) that will allow you to see the entire team training plan for the season, including a higher level of details for individual sessions than would not normally be available on the meetupsite.

You are also able to tailor your account to keep track of exactly what training you are doing, and (if you so wish) you can link information from Garmin / Strava etc…. which over time will allow you to precisely monitor your progression.

Premium Individual Training Planssylvain

In addition to this we are able to use the system to provide members with a personalised training plan, adapted to meet your specific goals and objectives.

The personalised training plan is…

Developed after individual consultation with our Triathlon Coach Sylvain Dodet (right) and tailored to you specifically

Based on the Club training routine, so you can attend as many of the club coached sessions as possible

Planning is kept 2 weeks in advance so can be amended based on your availabilities (holidays / work load etc..)

Once you enter in your feedback from the session, the plan can be adjusted accordingly, equally Sylvain is available at club sessions for face to face feedback each week to ensure you stay on track

All your training questions answered, taking into account your personal specificities,

You really will not have any more excuses left……..

This individual one-on-one coaching is available for a limited number of people on a monthly basis for 50€ per month, starting either 1st or 15th of each month, although we don’t have a minimum period it is generally recommended to have 3 months minimum before your goal competition.

If you would like to benefit from this then please enter your details below, payment is made through the team using Team Payment Details Here