Objectifs d’entraînement

Expatriés attracts members performing at all levels, from complete beginner to multiple Ironman distance competitors.

Our training sessions are adapted to be able to cater for all levels, but you don’t need to come to everything, below is a guide to help you understand exactly what level of effort you should be aiming for to ensure you don’t do too much (or too little!!)


You have limited to no experience of one or more of the three disciplines and have yet to take part in regular competitions. Season Objective: Sprint distance triathlon

Swim –  1 session per week, including some coached sessions

Bike –  1 session per week – preferably a saturday cycle and run

Run –  1 – 2 sessions per week, including one running technique session

Brick – Approaching race day try a brick session to familiarise yourself with the transitions

Equipment – Beginners typically do not yet have all the equipment, particularly for cycling. Try one of the Information Sessions to learn the ropes.

Total – 3 – 6 hours per week


This is at least your second season and you know your strengths and weaknesses. Season Objective: Olympic distance / HIM

Swim –  2 sessions per week (1 distance swim + 1 coached/technique focus)

Bike –  1 – 2 sessions per week (1 weekend long ride + 1 sprint session)

Run –  2 – 3 sessions per week (1 long run, 1 track session + 1 tempo session)

Brick – Make one of your sessions a brick session at least once per month to smooth out your transitions.

Total – 6 – 12 hours per week


You have already competed in most distances over 2+ seasons. Aim: HIM / IM

Swim –  3 sessions per week (continue occasional coached sessions + open water)

Bike –  2–3 sessions per week (1 long ride + Sprint / HT session)

Run –  Everywhere, all the time (1 long run + 1 track session + 2 tempo sessions)

Brick – Keep your transition skills honed and make the most efficient use of your training time with regular brick sessions.

Total – 10 – 16 hours per week