Semi-Marathon de Boulogne Billancourt

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Boulogne Billancourt Semi Marathon l to r: Alex, Bertrand, Paul G, Catherine, Aurélie, Georgia

Paul G provides us this race report:

Last Sunday was one of our regular races, the Boulogne Billancourt half marathon.

This time we were proud to support the association « Les Enfants de l’Himalaya » which helps to bring schooling to these remote parts of the world.

The course is quite flat, it leaves Boulogne to border the Seine does a loop in the Bois de Boulogne (pasts the cyclists at Longchamp) at back again to the finish at Boulogne.

Weather was not great, overcast and about 10°C but at least the rain held back, besides a few drops, till the end of the race.

How did we do?

With so many events happening on Sunday, the team turnout was not as high as past years, but personal performances were impressive with at least three PB’s:

  • Bertrand knocked off 10′ since his first half marathon of only last year to 1:49:49; finishing with Paul.
  • Catherine a new PB at an amazing 1:36:57 which placed her 9th in her category;
  • Alex just left us standing with his 1:28:44 that is a 14.27 kph average!
  • Aurelie with her early race enthusiasm did not manage her sub 1:45 objective but finished with a very honourable 1:45:45 which was only 149m off her mark
  • Georgia close on their heels with 1:54:52

Thanks also to Valentin who could not run but came to support with Ari-who was so discreet no one saw him!

We all appreciated their support with the very noisy Enfants de l’Himalaya (below) in the last bend just before the finish. [cml_media_alt id='26322']BB_Semi-Enfants[/cml_media_alt]

We were able to regroup and refuel before making our way back to the capital – sorry to those we missed at the finish but the end of race was a bit chaotic.

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Pub time !!

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Who’s watch could this be ??